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Abramovich faces a tough task finding a new manager for Chelsea

One of the world’s most famous football club owners, Roman Abramovich, may end up having problems getting someone to take the top job at the Stamford Bridge, according to Ray Wilkins, who is a former assistant manager at Chelsea. It seems as if Wilkins was harshly criticised and sacked from his position as Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant, over two years ago now, in a manner that he describes as a crash, bang and wallop.

This is not an isolated problem either, according to his report. It would appear that there has been a rapid turnover in the managers at Stamford Bridge and this could be the main factor behind Pep Guardiola’s decision to join Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. While all the details are still unclear, rumours are rampant and this latest affirmation is certainly not helping.

Ancelotti was fired in early 2011, right after he won the FA Cup and Premier League but he was not the first and was followed by Roberto Di Matteo, who was sacked a few years later despite the fact he delivered the Champions League title to Chelsea, something Abramovich had long wanted. While Rafael Benitez is working as the interim manager for this particular season, the Blues could end up looking for yet another new boss in the summer.

Meanwhile, with the shortlist ever shrinking, it could be that Jurgen Klopp may end up taking the position, to the displeasure of many. Abramovich’s approach is described by many as ruthless and any manager who gets the Chelsea job would be wise to know what they are going into, since it seems this is not a position that many keep for long.

After studying the Chelsea squads, Robbie Di Matteo talked to the press and confirmed the fact that his own sacking ended up being a crash and burn situation and now he is ready to try his best at Munich.


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