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Chelsea start to count the cost of failing to win the Club World Cup

Having failed to lift the Club World Cup, the Chelsea team were today waiting to hear the full details of the resulting damage as they flew back to London from Japan. With their surprise but deserved 1-0 defeat against Corinthians in the world final yesterday, it’s possible that the Blues’ trip to Yokohama ultimately did them more harm than good.

With a win, this arduous adventure would have proven its worth, even with the tournament adding to the punishing schedule which could result in Chelsea’s season being derailed further. A defeat only made it harder for interim manager Rafael Benitez to motivate his players physically and mentally for the Capital One Cup trip to Leeds and more (to take place on Wednesday night).

To compound it all, it appears that Chelsea will have to make do without Gary Cahill as well as John Terry at Elland Road, ever since the former got sent off late yesterday. FIFA issued a confirmation that Cahill would be serving a ban lasting one match; however, there was today recognized a continuing possibility that it may even be prolonged to two.

On Saturday, Benitez stated that, ever since the problem he had with his knee against Leeds, Terry would still be unable to return, this making Branislav Ivanovic and David Luiz his only fit senior centre-halves.

Luiz was seen crying yesterday as Corinthians, the side he supported as a child, crushed a common dream held by him and Chelsea: the Club World Cup. However, the Brazil defender has refused to be at the mercy of what was already the Blues’ fourth failure to earn a trophy this season.



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