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Olympic ticket system revamped to try and address problems

Over the past year the Ticketmaster system that has been set up to sell tickets for the Olympic Games has been plagued by problems. However, the system has recently been redesigned in order to prevent it from crashing in the future and it has been shown to be more than capable of dealing with the increased load it has been seeing as people scramble to buy tickets for some of the most popular events including the ceremonies and the finals of the various sports.

Sales started happening last Friday at 11 AM and the tickets are only going to be on sale to those who tried to buy tickets the first time, but were unable to because of the system failures. So far, it seems like everything has gone very smoothly.

During the coming week over 900,000 tickets are going to be made available for sale to around 1 million people who did not get tickets the first time. It is expected that all of these tickets are going to sell out very quickly and for those who want to secure a ticket they are going to have to be very quick off the mark.

Because the tickets are being sold on a first-come first-served basis, it is expected that the load on the ticket website servers is going to be intense. This is what caused problems the first time round and many people are worried that it will happen again. However, with the improved system it does seem as if this is quite unlikely.

Until now, it was not known how many tickets were available for each different type of sports, but the company responsible for selling the tickets has just released information. Most tickets are available for volleyball with 75,000 still being available.


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