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Wheelchair rugby taster sessions at Woodbridge Rugby Club

Three taster sessions for wheelchair rugby have been announced at Woodbridge Rugby Club, in a big to gauge the interest before offering it as a service at the club. It will sit alongside the other games of rugby they offer, for girls, boys, women, men and veterans.

The club is collaborating with Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby to bring this exciting sport to eastern England, and play a part in the legacy left by the hugely successful 2012 paralympic games. There are only 10 clubs in the whole of the UK that currently play the sport, and participants have to travel huge distances to both train and play.

The nearest wheelchair rugby clubs are in Stoke Mandeville and Kent, so Woodbridge Rugby Club is running these events to see if there’s an appetite for wheelchair rugby in the East of England, they hope to attract;

• Beginners and pros

• Men and women over 16 years old

• Competitive types and social sportspeople

• Those recovering from injury, looking to rebuild strength

The events, organised in conjunction with Suffolk Coastal District Council, will take place at The Dome at Woodbridge School, Burkitt Road, Woodbridge, IP12 4JH on 24th February, 3rd March and 10th March, 10.30am until 1.30pm.

The Club – already home to over 500 players including a growing, 300 strong youth section, Warriors & Saxons senior men’s and Amazons & Valkyries women’s teams – is keen to add wheelchair rugby to their offering.

Rob Simpson, Chairman of Woodbridge Rugby Club, said “The Rugby Club gives hundreds of local kids and adults the chance to be active, get fit and be part of a team. We’ve had a few senior players with ‘near-miss’ injuries and that, twinned with the inspiration of the Paralympics, has lead us to see this as the obvious next step towards making the club is as inclusive as possible for the community and the region.”



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